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Zhejiang morning cloud industrial Co., LTD is located in the famous "international small commodity city" zhejiang yiwu beiyuan industrial zone, is specialized is engaged in the coarse food grain cultivation, r&d, production and sales of high-end grains, health food company. Morning cloud company was established in 2003, with a construction area of 20,000 square meters, and assets 63 million yuan, the staff more than 300 people, the annual production is over one hundred million yuan.
To create the industry leading brand, do industry invisible champions, the company high starting point, high investment to build the good factory production environment, strictly control the product process management quality. The enterprise has HACCP food safety management system certification, the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and proceed OHSAS18001, ISO14001 environmental management system certification. And within the industry famous universities jiangnan university cooperation established zhejiang morning cloud industrial limited company research and development center. Through the Peoples Republic of China export licenses. The company through domestic organic product certification, Japan, the United States of organic product authentication of organic products authentication, the authentication eu organic products.
The company registered the "morning cloud" trademark 40 product category, with more than 100 pieces of trademark, holding the national patent, copyright 2 52. The convenient purple chips fans research and industrialized production "won state ministry of national xinghuo plan project project, and cooperate with zhejiang academy of agricultural sciences declared the national science and technology of agricultural projects. Main product development direction is pure coarse food grain (coarse food grain) convenient and safe, nutritious and healthy and fashionable high-end health noodles. Through modern equipment and within the industry the most advanced technology, the production safety of the whole grains produce delicious green, organic food, the companys category has the country within the industry only a 100% pure buckwheat and purple chips fans department and add olive oil, camellia oil, Chinese wolfberry ingredients of the Fried pure grains, healthy food, also produce sweet potato fans series, corn noodle series, millet, sorghum, ramen noodle series series and so on more than 100 varieties. Newly developed natural color convenient dish, straight strip of buckwheat flour, corn, purple chips fans and superfine powder buckwheat pure benevolence, corn pure benevolence, purple chips pure benevolence and other high-end export, organic series of new products.
Morning cloud over the company won honors: "national culture construction advanced unit", won the "excellent (integrity) of yiwu private enterprises", the peoples bank of China jinhua central subbranch awarded "keep bank credit enterprise", "wangfu parknshop keep bank credit enterprise", jinhua city famous shops and jinhua city famous brand ", "four consecutive years of yiwu cooperative Banks was awarded" AAA "enterprise of zhejiang province, industrial and commercial bureau awarded" aa-level creditable unit ", jinhua city industrial and commercial bureau awarded enterprise credit rating "AA" class, "city top ten agriculture leading enterprise", "innovation advanced unit", "safety production standard enterprise", "the national trust food and was awarded" top ten enterprise in east rendezvous of agricultural products prize, the farmers in zhejiang province agricultural expo quality product "award", the eighth national food exposition "gold medal" etc.
Morning cloud companys base construction: with yiwus ZhenCun reached more than 2,000 mu land circulation planting organic purple chips base, established in Inner Mongolia 12,000 mu organic buckwheat base, corn base 3,000 mu, And draw up in lishui, zhejiang etc. To build organic purple chips, sweet potato base 5,000 mu. And the introduction of the buckwheat shell automatic assembly line, grading corn peeling line, nanometer powder automatic grinding lines, and the automatic production line. Fried grains, To ensure product quality, the company of effective control of the planting, r&d, from base ChuJiaGong, machining, and large terminal sells channel such as effective management, realize the whole industry chain control.
"Thick DE quality, taste for art" is the morning cloud eternal pursuit of the goal, "thick DE quality" is the morning cloud company enterprise culture: thick DE product quality, personality quality, "Artisticpersonal status" is the morning cloud the product of the company culture: high-grade packaging art, language arts, behavior art. "Remote morning cloud, but ran my heart" is morning cloud people to consumers create a green, health, ecological, organic, quality and taste, happy life, music life artistic conception.Zhejiang morning cloud industrial Co., LTD is located in the famous
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